Welcome to BSTQM Student Chapter

To ensure quality in every sphere of life Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM)  started its journey on 4 May 1996 and has been positioned as a commencing Organization in Bangladesh to enhance quality in across the country all walks of life. BSTQM is a leading movement in Bangladesh to promote TQM as a management philosophy for ensuring customer loyalty as a basic requirement for economic growth. A mental revolution to develop quality culture is essential. BSTQM is a forum to develop this absolutely needed culture.
To ensure quality in education sector like to promote student quality, young leadership, understand  and practice quality, self-sufficient in problem solving, BSTQM starts involve students from 2009 after that to  spread out spontaneously, it organized BSTQM student chapter and an adhok committee bye laws on 10 november-2014.
In Bangladesh, education sector is lagging behind in the respect of quality. The mental revolution of student is essential to develop the quality culture.

Relationship with Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management(BSTQM):
(a)   Student Chapter and Institutional Chapters will work under the overall guidance of the Executive Committee and Sub-committees of BSTQM.
(b) They will assist EC in discharging functions where relevant.
(c) Executive Committee and Education Sub-committee will monitor and evaluate performance of student chapter.

Annual General Meeting:

  • Institutional chapters will report to the Annual General Meeting organized every year in the month of January.
  • Central Chapter will compile the report of all institution chapters and have its annual general Meeting help in the month of February.
  • Annual General Meeting will be conducted in a manner as that of BSTQM.
  • All chapters will demonstrate excellence in good governance,

    transparencyand accountability.

Abdul Malek, Chairman

A.K.M Mahmadul Hoque, Secretary